Data Analytics Engineer

👋 A little about us

GitBook is a modern documentation platform. Our ambition is to empower technical teams by seamlessly integrating knowledge management into their existing asynchronous workflows. We're a fully remote who are building the future of work, inside and outside of our organization.
You will be joining during a pivotal moment for GitBook. We've enjoyed great success since we were founded, and now we're taking conscious steps to take our company to the next level.
That means you will have the opportunity to build, positively impact the trajectory of the company and enjoy the benefits of helping grow our company.

Some things we’re proud of:

💲 Profitable
💼 Backed by top partners such as P9 Capital, Notion Capital and Fly VC
🗺️ Fully-remote team in over 14 countries across North America, Europe and Asia

👩‍💻 The role

As we take our company to the next level, we know that having the right data to drive product decisions is critical to reach our goals. As a product-led company with high ambitions, we strongly believe that data should be involved in any decision process: from product to sales. This means we have a need to polish our data infrastructure, automate as much as possible and have the right analytics in place to feedback to the teams the right insights at the right time.
We like to think of this role as a data generalist, it sits somewhere in the middle between data engineering and data analytics and will own the entire data stack. It all comes down to making data useful.

🙌 Your main contributions

  • Be an active contributor to the company success by leveraging data solutions
  • Work closely with all GitBook employees to empower them using data
  • Deliver well-defined, transformed, tested, documented, and code-reviewed data sets
  • Being a top contributor to our data stack, mainly using Dbt and BigQuery
  • Create efficient data structures to communicate complex data
  • Being able to perform advanced product analysis using Amplitude
  • Discover and explain trends across data sources, potential opportunities for growth or improvement. Derive insights and communicate them timely with the rest of the team
  • Design and develop comprehensive dashboards to provide self-serve analytics solutions to different stakeholders across the business

🛠 What tooling environment will you be working on ?

Data stack:
Dbt, BigQuery, Tableau, Amplitude, Segment, Airflow, Husprey, Cloud Functions, Zapier, Python, Stitch, GitHub
Main 3rd party system:
Hubspot, Stripe, Firestore,,

🚀 The impact

  • Company initiatives and roadmap are backed by data
  • By having a complete understanding of numbers and trends, GitBook employees take impactful decisions in their day-to-day
  • The data foundation is set to drive and support GitBook growth

🫶You will be valued for

  • Your ability to translate complex information into clear and helpful data models
  • Your experience in product analytics or BI fields
  • Your ability to successfully collaborate on cross-team work in a remote and async environment
  • Your product mindset and user orientation mindset
  • Your ability to lead initiatives independently and deliver on what you commit to doing
  • Your focus on efficiency, prioritizing effectively and staying focused on the key priorities
  • You Bias towards impactful action - taking timely action on the most value adding initiatives and tasks
  • Bonus: your knowledge of the B2B SaaS industry allowing you to quickly understand our challenge and your experience working remotely

What's next?

First, we will take the time to review your application and we will get back to you within a week, regardless of our decision.
We know that your time is valuable so we work to move the process along quickly and keep it casual. We're not believers in "gotcha" questions or checking for skills you'll never actually use at GitBook.
Here's what our process will look like:
  • Meeting with Lilian from our People team (30 min) to deep dive on your experience and skills
  • Meeting with our Head of Data (60 min) to discuss your experience and skills needed for the role
  • Short case study to assess your skills
  • Meeting with our CEO (45 min) to ensure there's alignment between you and the company
This process is not set in stone, we might add steps to the process as we go along, like a work sample. We will make sure to keep you posted!

👥 What it's like to work at GitBook

We joke internally that GitBook is the best kept secret. It's not always clear from the outside looking in that we're a great company, with a positive environment and fantastic team. When asked how they describe our culture, this is what came up (in order of how frequently it was mentioned):
  • Supportive, approachable and friendly peers. Everyone is willing to help
  • Flexibility, truly remote company. We can choose when and where we work
  • Transparent. Open communication, feedback is listened to and actioned
  • Safe space. It's ok to fail, we can ask any questions and there's no judgement
  • We care about people and treat them fairly
  • Autonomy & trust by default
Of course we can always get better, and there are some things that you might find frustrating:
  • We're still defining what success looks like for each person and team, and this creates confusion
  • We're working on being more agile and iterating quicker
  • We need to create more opportunities to socialize and connect as people
  • We are (ironically) not great at documentation
The great news is that we're continuously optimizing our culture and you will see that every single team member is a value addition to our culture, and our company values are very present in our day to day:
  • 🚀 Bias towards impactful action
  • 🙋‍♀️ Care (Give a sh*t)
  • 🤝 Transparency
  • 🏗 Keep it simple
Come make your mark on building the future of work with us.

🖱How to apply?

Send us your application here!
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