Product Manager

👋 A little about us

GitBook is a modern documentation platform. Our ambition is to empower technical teams by seamlessly integrating knowledge management into their existing asynchronous workflows. We're a fully remote team who are building the future of work.
You will be joining during a pivotal moment for GitBook. We've enjoyed great success since we were founded, and now we're taking conscious steps to take our company to the next level.
That means you will have the opportunity to build, positively impact the trajectory of the company and enjoy the benefits of helping grow our company.

Some things we’re proud of:

💲 Profitable
💼 Backed by top partners such as P9 Capital, Notion Capital and Fly VC
🗺️ Fully-remote team in over 14 countries across North America, Europe and Asia

👩‍💻 The role

As a Product Manager you will be focused at helping technical teams to better collaborate on building up and nurturing their teams' knowledge using GitBook. This involves understanding the typical interactions these teams have, the kind of content they deal with, the systems they use, what they expect to automate and integrate with versus curate and write themselves.
You will look at the market of knowledge management systems, developer portals, and technical documentation software to grow a good understanding of where GitBook plays a unique role, to magnify that competitive advantage in the opportunities you'll surface and run with your team.
The ultimate outcome of your work is to see GitBook become a nervous system for technical knowledge that helps team better collaborate, and build awesome Products.

Reporting lines

Reporting directly to the Head of Product.

💪 What will you be doing

Discussing with customers
You will conduct regular interviews with customers to understand their context and problem, and bring back insights to inform your opportunities backlog.
Surfacing and detailing opportunities, owning the roadmap
Out of the wealth of internal knowledge we gathered together, you'll surface and refine opportunities you believe GitBook should pursue, building an argument for why, eventually leading to a roadmap.
Driving team rituals, organizing work for the team, collaborating with your peers
You will run the team rituals to help them break down the work and organize a project in clear milestones. You'll help everyone reach good clarity on what needs to happen, and be present along the way to remove roadblocks that might appear.
This can involve running workshops like User Story Mapping, participating to brainstorming session led by Product Design, technical discussions with Engineers around feasibility and alternative options.
Planning launches with marketing, measuring and reporting on success
You will anticipate how your roadmap should be voiced to the outside world to maximize its impact, and tell a great story. You'll be helped by marketing to do so by partnering early and often with them sharing your plans.
Company meetings and internals
You'll play an active role in the life of GitBook, sharing information for others to understand what the Product team is doing, participate to team events and other activities.

How your success will be measured

  1. 1.
    How you behave
    We follow some cultural principles at GitBook and use them as ways to assess how well we collaborate with each other
  2. 2.
    What outcomes you drive
    We will look back at the choices you made for your roadmap, and how these initiatives did overall
    We will discuss how your presence enabled the team to reach better clarity and deliver a better product

🗓️ Your first 90 days

1.Get to know your team and how we work
  • Meeting people you will work with regularly
  • Read through our process and join rituals to understand how we work and provide feedback along the way
2.Get to know the Product
  • You'll use the Product to get to understand it inside and out
  • You'll code a simple authentication system to understand Visitor Authentication
  • You'll build a simple integration to understand how this works for developers on the GitBook platform
  • You'll set up custom domains to understand what customers go through when they publish their docs
3.Get to know your customers
  • Reviewing recent customer calls to familiarize with problems
  • Joining a couple of sales calls
  • Take on a support rotation for a day to empathize
4.Drive a first initiative from start to finish
  • Gathering insights, write an opportunity, drive the project with the team and measure its success, at a scale that fits a relatively short timeline

🫶You will be valued for

  • Curiosity, passion for the space and our customers: you reach for insights, more client calls, understanding the context better and love sharing that back to your team.
  • A good sense of organization: your projects boards are clear, your opportunities are well detailed, you know your schedule.
  • Written and oral communication capabilities: you are concise and impactful in how you communicate. People understand where your focus is.
  • Your ability to work remotely effectively: you adapt your communication style and medium to the task at hand, know when to use async communication and when to organize a good meeting.
  • You care about impact: you never forget to measure how your initiatives will do, and instinctively report on successful and unsuccessful ones.
  • Sense of autonomy: you don't let yourself blocked, reach for help when needed.
  • Your knowledge of how to run basic software to test integrations or technical features of the Product
  • Familiarity with issue management software like Linear (ideal), GitHub, Jira.
  • Your experience running a team following an agile principle (scrum cycle planning, retro, review, backlog grooming, etc.)
  • Nice to have: your experience in B2B SaaS with knowledge management or content management software and understanding of pricing, data measurement, adoption and feature lifecycle.

What's next?

First, we will take the time to review your application and we will get back to you within a week, regardless of our decision.
We know that your time is valuable so we work to move the process along quickly and keep it casual. We're not believers in "gotcha" questions or checking for skills you'll never actually use at GitBook.
Here's what our process will look like:
  1. 1.
    Screening interview with our People Team - 30 minutes
  2. 2.
    Interview with the Head of Product - 45 minutes
  3. 3.
    Deep dive on a situation of your choosing to discuss your working style with Product, Design, Engineering and Marketing - 2 hours
  4. 4.
    Meet & greet with our CEO - 30 minutes
  5. 5.
    Final call for any outstanding questions with our People Team - 15 minutes
  6. 6.

👥 What it's like to work at GitBook

We joke internally that GitBook is the best kept secret. It's not always clear from the outside looking in that we're a great company, with a positive environment and fantastic team. When asked how they describe our culture, this is what came up (in order of how frequently it was mentioned):
  • Supportive, approachable and friendly peers. Everyone is willing to help
  • Flexibility, truly remote company. We can choose when and where we work
  • Transparent. Open communication, feedback is listened to and actioned
  • Safe space. It's ok to fail, we can ask any questions and there's no judement
  • We care about people and treat them fairly
  • Autonomy & trust by default
Of course we can always get better, and there are some things that you might find frustrating:
  • We're still defining what success looks like for each person and team, and this creates confusion
  • We're working on being more agile and iterating quicker
  • We need to create more opportunities to socialize and connect as people
  • We are (ironically) not great at documentation
The great news is that we're continuously optimizing our culture and you will see that every single team member is a value addition to our culture, and our company values are very present in our day to day:
  • 🚀 Bias towards impactful action
  • 🙋‍♀️ Care (Give a sh*t)
  • 🤝 Transparency
  • 🏗 Keep it simple
Come make your mark on building the future of work with us.

🖱How to apply?

Send us your application here!